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Welcome to Chafloque International!

We love to introduce great and useful products from one continent to another, fulfilling the needs of people on both sides. Mainly we transport goods from Latin America to Europe and visa versa.


Chafloque International
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With Q'inti we bring high quality suede boots, lined with the softest Peruvian sheepskin and adorned with beautiful traditional Inca textiles from Peru to Europe.
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Sacha Inchi

One of the most healthy products in the world is produced in Peru: Sacha Inchi oil. Chafloque International has a vision of introducing this great vegetable oil to as many people as possible around the world.
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Spicepot is six spices in a little jar. Ideal for cooking in the wilderness or in the kitchen of your youth hostel. It's light and very easy to store in your rugzak, specially made for travelers who are fed up with prepared meals and want to make their own dishes wherever they are.
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